Sharing some great Cornish food secrets.

Scrumptious Cornish Cauliflower Recipes

Depending which side of the Tamar you're from you may call cauliflower broccoli, and broccoli calabrese. Us Cornish folk call white cornish cauliflowers 'broccoli' and the green broccoli 'calabrese'. Confused? Well here we're making some delicious dishes from the white flower like plants that grow in the Cornish fields over the cooler months... Here's some [...]

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It’s time for Gingerbread, a Christmas Treat!

The smell of gingerbread is Christmas for me. Walking into a kitchen with gingerbread cooking is just wonderful. We've found the most wonderful gingerbread candle this year, and could literally have it burning every day. This gingerbread recipe can be made into any shapes you want, even a gingerbread house if you are feeling adventurous. [...]

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Our Chocolate and Banana Bread and Butter Pudding

Autumn is a time for warming comfort food and getting ready for the delicious treats of Christmas. Here we have reinvented the traditional winter bread and butter pudding by adding a few yummy ingredients. We recently discovered Sargies chocolate sauce in the farmers market at Trevaskis Farm, and thought this would be wonderful addition to [...]

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