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A Cornish Girl in the Big Smoke – Visiting Harry Potter Studios!

Sometimes us Cornish folk do like to venture across the border and head to the city. Although I can point out that this is a very occasion, and usually only to celebrate Birthdays or to catch a plane. This time it was the first, and to mark the occasion a very overdue visit to The [...]

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Make your own homemade Christmas tree decorations!

Christmas and craft go hand in hand. And what's better than your very own homemade Christmas tree decorations this year! We've taken it rustic and created some cute stars from twigs found in the garden, along with some twine and copious sprinkles of glitter. All this Autumnal wind has brought down lots of small branches [...]

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The wonderful colours of Cornish Autumn…

The colours of our Cornish Autumn are totally transfixing, with the reds, yellows and oranges that emerge from the greenery of summer it's hard not to take photos everywhere you turn. We love the summer months, but once the colours start to change it just makes Autumn feel all that more welcoming and cosy. Here's [...]

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Salty songs for seaside days

We all love a good summer tune, especially one that reminds us of the beach, here we've complied our favourite salty songs from the seaside... The Sea - Morcheeba Rumoured to have been written about none other than our beloved St Ives, this is the ultimate chillout tune! Rip Tide - Vance Joy As [...]

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