Sometimes us Cornish folk do like to venture across the border and head to the city. Although I can point out that this is a very occasion, and usually only to celebrate Birthdays or to catch a plane. This time it was the first, and to mark the occasion a very overdue visit to The Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios was the highlight. As an avid Harry Potter fan the studio tour has been on the bucket list for a long time, and with more and more recommendations we took the plunge to leave the county and embark on a trip to London.

We were not disappointed. The Harry Potter Studios tour was everything you could dream of and more. From the moment we stepped into the building we didn’t know where to look first. With secrets shared and access to all parts of the film sets, costumes and special effects this really was a place that we will remember forever.

From entering The Great Hall to the stories behind the many rescue animals and entering 4 Privet Drive, there are just so many great memories from our visit.

Here’s a selection from our photograph diary of the trip and without spoiling too much hopefully these will inspire you to visit too!

harry potter studios tour london

We will definitely return to the Harry Potter Studios, as there’s just so much to see you cannot take it all in!

In the words of JK. Rowling herself,

‘The Stories we love best do live in us forever,

so whether you come back by page or by the big screen,

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you.’

Have you already visited, if so what was your favourite part? Was it the butterbeer, wand lesson, or marvelling at the real Hogwarts? Share with us on social media…

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