The Song of the Sea is a tall slit in the cliffs of West Cornwall’s hidden cove of Nanjizal. This infamous beach is the making of many a professional photograph, but you will find it hard to stumble across this beach on your travels.

As it’s one of Cornwall’s best kept secrets most people don’t know where it is, or even how to find it. There are no signposts, large carparks or cafes promoting this spot, but here we share our knowledge on how to find this hidden beauty.

Sometimes known as Mill Bay, this untouched part of the Cornish coast path has amazingly clear waters, and you can often spot a seal playing in the shallows, as we did late in the evening when we visited.

There used to be much more sand in the cove, but fierce storms have washed most of it away, but if you walk around to the cave you can see a large gathering of sand again.

Most people who stumble upon Nanjizal are walking the Cornish coast path from Land’s End or Porthgwarra, as it’s only 3 miles away, but we found it via an alternative route.

How to get there

Distance – just over 2 miles
Time – 1 hour
Difficulty – Moderate
Facilities – Cafe start, nothing at Nanjizal
Parking – Roadside parking in the village of Trevescan

Head from Penzance to Land’s End and just before you reach Land’s End turn left signposted for Trevescan, find a place to park on the road or in a lay-by in the village. Head just past the Appletree Cafe and you will see the bus stop on your right hand side, with a footpath sign just opposite. There is a small courtyard of houses behind the bus stop, head in to the left side of the courtyard and you will see a stone style, follow this footpath towards Trevilley Farm.

The farm offers a free book exchange, so remember to pack a book on your journey and you can swap it for one of the many in this quirky little Cornish farm library.

Pass through the farm and through the fields heading to the sea. After several fields you will reach a kissing gate and the hedges will start to grow tall on either side of the path, follow towards the coast, and keep right where there is a left turn.

Follow the path along the top of the valley and it will eventually lead down to the small cove of Nanjizal. Pass over the footbridge and down the steps to the beach.

Remember to be careful of the incoming tide when exploring the cove and cave. To return to you car just retrace your steps back up the hill.

Finding Nanjizal beach

Trevilley Farm Library

Nanjizal coastal flowers

Nanjizal coastal path

Nanjizal ponies

Steep coast path


Nanjizal once appeared on an episode of Doctor Who in the 1960’s where the tardis actually appeared on the beach.

Apart from that, Nanjizal is famous for being a hidden Cornish secret with only a handful of people choosing to discover it beauty as it’s off the usual beaten tourist track.

I’m sure you will agree with us that it doesn’t matter that it’s hard to get to, and that there are no facilities, as this is the making of the character and charm of this unspoilt Cornish cove.

Nanjizal panorama

Nanjizal rocks

Nanjizal pebble cove

Nanjizal Cave

Cornish coast path

This glorious cove is dog friendly all year round, and is a great spot to go swimming in the shallows of this turquoise clear bay.

There is so much wildlife to enjoy in this part of Cornwall, we saw many pheasants on our way down to the cove. It’s also a great spot for bird watchers as this section of the coast is a haven for seabirds sheltering on land.

Lots of large stone structures can be seen in the dramatic coastline, one of the more famous being the Diamond Horse, which can be seen on the North side close to the cliff.

There are several freshwater waterfalls falling down onto the cove which just makes the whole place feel so magical. Be sure to pack a picnic with you as it’s a long walk back up to your car, and we’re sure you will want to spend a while here taking it all in.

This beach is definitely worth hunting down if you’re in West Cornwall, but sssshhh…. you didn’t hear it from us!

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