If your business is appealing towards the younger generation then you should consider Instagram. It’s all about the images and it’s a great visual way to tell your story exactly how you want to it be told. Here’s a few of our top tips to help you along the way…

Engage with others

Make sure you like and comment on photos that are relevant or connected to your business, this will encourage users to check you out.

Keep a good balance

Have fun with some cool images, don’t be afraid to be a little quirky, but don’t forget to mix the business message in too.

You don’t need to post multiple times a day

Once a day is fine, and if you miss days that’s no problem, it’s quality not quantity. If you are going to post several posts in a row make sure you space them out as you don’t want to flood peoples feed with a whole string of photographs from the same person.


Use relevant and popular hashtags to maximise your reach. You can use the same hashtags you’ve created on other platforms like twitter to enhance brand awareness.

Don’t be afraid to post videos

Instagram is video friendly, and you can edit and apply filters to video content in the same way as a photograph. It gives your audience something different to see.

Inspire your instagram followers

Make your photos inspirational, lifestyle shots are massive on instagram, so get creative!

Post behind the scenes photos

Give your followers a little VIP access to your office, or staff, maybe a sneaky peak at a new product, or a lunch meeting with a view?

Borrow ideas from other brands

Have a little nosey at some of your favourite brands and steal a little inspiration in the way they compile their posts. They spend a fortune on their social media messages so they’re obviously doing something right.

Make your followers famous…

…by using one of their photos of your brand. There’s no harm in using a followers photo if they are highlighting your brand, just make sure you give then the necessary shout outs.

Geotag your posts

Add your photos to the map if you’re out and about.

Don’t use links on your photos

They won’t work, the only place your followers will be able to click through to your website is via your profile description, so make sure you’ve added your www.s in the bio section.

Respond to all comments

Be polite and respond to any comments, good or bad, it’s good practice, and shows you’re a regular instagrammer.

Hope these tips help, but give us a shout if you think we’ve missed off any other good hints.

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