Starting any business is daunting, I know first hand, but with the added pressure of creating a social media presence it can all be a little too much at times. Here’s a few handy tips on what to consider when launching your business on to the big wide world of social media.

Set goals

Consider what you are wanting out of your social media efforts, more click throughs to your website, higher sales, or more of an awareness of your brand. These are all things to consider when you are creating your social media message.

Choose platforms

Not every platform works for everyone. There may be no need for you to create a pinterest or youtube page, but consider where you audience are most likely to be active. Think about their average age, gender and whether your content is likely to work on specific platforms.

Create a calendar

Have a rough idea of what posts you are going to be posting throughout the year, if there are key events in your market place then make sure you plan your social media posts before hand. You can schedule posts on most platforms, but if not then just keep a note of what you will be posting every week, with at least a month ahead planned.

Check your details

Before you launch your brand to the masses make sure all your details online are correct and don’t show up any inconsistencies. You will want to double and treble check your bios, artwork, website links, and proof read all text, as well as checking your photos have to correct watermarks or hashtags.

Launch day

On the day you launch make sure you start engaging with people and other businesses, be sure to respond to all questions and comments as it’s polite if someone has made contact with you. Make sure you are visible and available to engage, there’s no point in launching your page and then turning your computer off.

Quality content

It doesn’t matter if you’re not posting every second of the day, instead you must make sure that your posts are made from quality content. Quantity doesn’t always come out on top, especially if you are rushing posts and making them live with spelling errors, or broken links.

Be patient

You aren’t going to turn into a online sensation overnight, well it will be very unlikely. Social media is a long-haul game that you will have to consistently give time to if you want your followers to grow and engage with you without getting bored of your message.

Engage with others

To recieve shares and publicity from other users, you must spend time sharing and talking about other peoples content, and hopefully they will return the favour. Social media is a two way game, people aren’t going to give you endless praise and recommendation if you aren’t doing the same for them.

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