What is a Social Media Marketing (SMM) plan I hear you cry! Don’t worry it’s not something that’s going to take hours sat around meeting rooms trying to conjure up, but it is something worth thinking through. It is basically a summary of everything you hope to achieve for your business on social media platforms over a space of time, usually annually.

You should begin by listing where you are today, who’s in control of each platform, how many followers you have, how often you’re engaging etc., and then create goals of where you would like to be in the future. The more specific you can be with your Social Media Marketing plan the more effective the implementation will be, try not to make it too unattainable otherwise you’re setting yourself up for failure. Here’s a basic plan in 7 bite-sized pieces…

Create objectives and achievable goals

Look at where you stand on social media today, and work out where you would like to be in 6 and 12 months, then consider how you are going to achieve these goals.

Identify your target audience

Who are your customers? Do you have a very young target, a mix of men and women or just one very small niche. You need to know who you are aiming for so you can create the perfect message.

Create or improve platforms

Do you have any existing social media platforms, if so how are they performing, have you maximised them to their full potential. If you need to create new pages then set these up as soon as you can so you can begin to build followers.

Get inspiration

Work out your tone of voice and have a brainstorming session on how you are going to turn your ideas into successful social media posts. Research your competitors pages, or look at how someone in your local area is representing themselves on different types of social media platforms.

Create a content plan

You need to come up with a weekly routine that is going to be manageable for you or your team. Are you just going to tell your story with photographs, are you going to start a blog, or share ideas from market leaders.

Evaluate and adjust

Give yourself a decent length of time and then look back on how you are performing, are you getting more engagement, or have the numbers of followers skyrocketed. Evaluate which type of posts, and on which platforms work the best for you, whether that’s website click-throughs or sales figures. This will then allow you to adjust your future plans to accommodate this new information and make your social media marketing more efficient.

We hope this is enough to get you started, but get in touch if you need a hand!

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