Cornwall is just magical in the Winter. With quieter roads, beaches and towns life is just a little bit more relaxed and chilled out. Summer can feel hectic at times, and the Cornish Winter helps you to slow the pace a bit and appreciate just how wonderful our county really is. We’re sure you’ve got your own favourite winter activities, but here’s a few ideas to get you off the sofa and out and about in the beauty of Cornwall.

Here’s what we love about the winter in Cornwall…

Clifftop Walks

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a stroll along an exposed clifftop to blow away the cobwebs and give you that fresh sea air that we all crave. Cornwall has hundreds of miles of coastal walks to explore, so next time you’re digging out the walking boots be sure to explore somewhere new. We have a whole choice of cornish walks on our blog.

This is not an affiliate link but we have to mention our seasalt coat here. We just love it, tested on Cornish clifftops we alway grab it for long walks by the sea on those not so warm days. (Keep an eye on social media and we’re sure you’ll spot it at some point!)

cornwall in winter

Empty Beaches

This is one of my favourite things about Cornish winter. The emptiness, and peace that can be found at the beach. Don’t mistake that we love the warm summer evenings and buzz of summer, but you’ve got to admit having a beach to yourself is awesome! At any point in the year you’ll be able to find a quiet beach if you look hard enough, but in winter take your pick. With your footprints as the first and last along the shore, and only the sound of the rolling waves for company, this is where we can be found when we need a bloggers break….


Visiting cafes on a windy, wet or cold winters day is perfect. They are a great place to re-fuel or warm up, or just somewhere to escape winter. Storm watching by the sea is hugely satisfying when you really want to get out the house, but it’s just a little too extreme to be in the elements. Be aware that your favourite summer cafe may be closed for the winter, so a little research may be needed to find your coffee and cake stop in the depths of winter.

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One of Cornwall’s top pastimes, surfing just ramps up a gear in the winter. The waves are better, the wind is stronger, the sea is colder, and the wetsuits thicker. But if you want the waves to yourself (it feels that way compared to summer!) then winter is the time to embrace the sea. I’ve got to admit I’m more of a summer surfer just due to the temperatures, but you’ll find Phil in the sea at any opportunity, and any temperature!

Here are some of Cornwall’s best surfing spots.

surfing in cornwall

Eden Ice Skating

If you want a fun family activity that doesn’t involve being outside then ice skating is perfect for the winter months. In Cornwall we’re lucky that the Eden Project is home to an ice skating ring for Christmas and most of the winter period. If you’ve not been before then head there in the next few weeks before it disappears for Spring.

Head to their website for more information.

Winter pub fires

Being warm is a top priority after a cold day or brisk walk in the wind. Finding an open fire can instantly change your mood into that warm fuzzy feeling, especially when teamed with a cup of tea or comforting home cooked pub meal. Plan your winter walks around that welcoming pub fire, or drive the long way home to spend an hour in front of the fire embracing the cosiness that comes from the Cornish winter.

Learn Cornish

I’ve always thought it would be such a good skill to learn another language, but with my french and spanish GCSE skills forgotten a long time ago, Cornish seemed like a fresh challenge! Over the past few months I’ve tried to learn a little bit of Cornish and shared some of the words on the blog. It’s a lot harder that I thought, especially with a severe shortage of people speaking the language. I have however picked up a few words, and now understand where a lot of the local place and street names come from. It’s a start, and hopefully something I can build on. Fancy the challenge, it’s a great activity for dark winter evenings…

Start with our first Cornish language blog and see how you get on!


When it’s raining outside, the best thing to do is shut yourself in somewhere warm and dry and get a good movie on. If you’re getting cabin fever then head to one of our Cornish cinemas and catchup with the latest blockbuster, comedy or childrens hit and stuff your face full of popcorn!

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What do you like to do in our Cornish winter, share with us on social media, or comment below.

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