Twitter can be a minefield if you’ve never had a personal account, so we’ve compiled a list of top tips to try to help your business get off to the best start on this massively current social media platform…

Use a relevant name and profile picture

When you sign up make sure your username is relevant as this is the way people are going to interact and find you. Your profile picture should also be something that is easily recognisable, for example your logo.

Find people to follow

Follow like minded people and businesses as these are the most likely to engage with you and help your audience grow.

Be polite

It’s common etiquette to thank new followers for following you, as well as thanking people who mention or retweet you.

Learn the twitter lingo

@ dm rt #, for new users this can be a bit confusing, but read up on the twitter language and embrace it!

Embrace the character limit

You only have 140 characters to get your message across, so select your words wisely but don’t compromise too much, or use txt spk!

Shorten your web links

Use a shortener like – – to make your website links a lot more manageable.

Use photos in your tweets

On the twitter feed tweets don’t hang around for long, and can easily be missed when scanning down the feed. By using an image in your tweet your post will take up a larger space on the feed so is more likely to catch the attention of your audience.

Engage with other people

It’s common practice to retweet other peoples posts or to mention them in a tweet. Get the conversation started and you could be surprised by how many people join in!

Be more chatty than Facebook

Twitter is a lot more personal than Facebook, so let your barriers down and be a bit more approachable with your language and questions than on other platforms.

Follow what’s trending

Twitter is the home of trends, so keep an eye on the top hashtags and trends and be sure to tailor your tweets if you feel necessary. You might even go a tad viral.

Create your own hashtag

#’s are big right now, it’s easy to search for a specific things like #fashion and #holidays or make up your own for your business and encourage your audience to upload images using your hashtag!

Spread your tweets throughout the day

Don’t post lots of tweets in quick succession, use a tweet scheduler to vary your interactions throughout the day.

Reuse tweets

Most of your audience will not be online when you tweet, and unless they are specifically searching through your history they won’t see most of your material. Don’t be shy to re-use tweet multiple times, you can re-phrase the tweets or keep them the same, but don’t waste a good tweet by only posting it once.

Twitter Ads can be worth the money

Sponsored tweets could be the way forward if you want to reach a wider audience on twitter and engage with more people.

Use analytics

Make use of the statistics provided and re-use the tweets that work more, or replicate the timing or content.

Happy tweeting!

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