Autumn crafts for those fallen leaves

Collecting Autumn leaves is a great way to get creative with nature, every leaf with its different shape, colour and feel. If you have littles ones you can make it into a fun game by seeing who can collect the most colours, sizes and shapes. We love browsing Pinterest boards for inspiring autumn crafts utilising what is freely available at this time of year.

We collected some leaves in Tehidy Woods as there were so many different types to choose from, our favourite being those from the sycamore trees. Check out our autumn colours blog for inspiration…

Here’s some easy autumn crafts to try at home.

autumn leaves crafts

collecting autumn leaves

Leaf Confetti

If you have a confetti stamper at home then this is the quickest and easiest thing you can do with your fallen leaves. We had a snowflake stamp handy, but any shapes will work well, hearts, butterflies, or just get a selection. The leaf confetti will look nice sprinkled on your table tops or coffee tables, for any autumn gatherings or parties. They also look wonderful stuck on note pads, cards or letters to add a personal touch.

colourful autumn leaves

autumn leaf confetti craft

Mason Jars

We love mason jars, whether they are covered in glitter, tissue paper or leaves… they just add a certain homemade craft feeling to your desk or coffee table. Here we simply glued on some wonderful autumn leaves and tied on some garden twine in bows.

The perfect way to finish them off is to add some spiced berry tea lights for a cosy autumn evening touch. We chose a red candle to help bring that warming feel to the light through the leaves.

mason jars decorated for autumn

Now we are wondering what ideas we can create from acorns, conkers and pine cones. Watch this space for more crafty blogs!

Share your homemade autumn crafts with us…

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