The wonderful colours of Cornish Autumn…

The colours of our Cornish Autumn are totally transfixing, with the reds, yellows and oranges that emerge from the greenery of summer it’s hard not to take photos everywhere you turn.

We love the summer months, but once the colours start to change it just makes Autumn feel all that more welcoming and cosy. Here’s a selection of colours we took in just a short stroll through the woods.

The sun shining and bouncing off the colourful plants is just inspirational for any budding photographers out there…

The Colours of Cornish Autumn

cornish autumn blackberries

colours of a cornish autumn

cornish autumn wood funghi

autumn colours of moss and water

cornish autumn colours in the woods

red berries of autumn

autumn colours

fallen autumn leaves in the sun

If you want to improve your photography skills then head to our blog to find some easy tips to make your photos better.

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