A slightly damp Helston Flora

Helston Flora 2017 was not exactly a picture postcard of Cornwall. From the weather forecast we knew it was going to be a wet one, so we dug out the waterproofs and prepared to get a little damp.

It wasn’t a complete wash out mind as thousands of people lined the streets of Helston to grab a look at the furry dancers everyone hustling for a prime spectator spot.

I’m not sure my camera took too well to the rainy conditions, but here’s a little sample of Helston Flora…

(at the bottom of the page make sure you click through to watch our video from the day!)

helston flora 2017

The Midday dance takes a half time break before making its way back out into the crowds for a final loop of the main street. By this point everyone looked a little damp, with makeup running and hair well and truly flat.

The weather didn’t dampen the spirits though and everyone was still enjoying the music and furry dancing.

The Fairground

The fair was buzzing as usual with lots of people trying to escape from the ever relentless Cornish mizzle. We made our way down there for the sole purpose of lunch. As you would expect from a fairground all the usual rides, stalls and food vans were available. We opted for the foot long hotdog with cheese and onions, followed by some very delicious cinnamon sugar donuts!

After stuffing our faces the thought of going on the waltzers was a little bit too risky…

helston flora day 2017

Watch our Flora Day video to really get a feel of the Helston Flora celebrations.

Have no idea what we’re talking about? What is Flora Day, the Furry Dance and Hal an Tow? Find out more via last years Flora Day blog.

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