Kernow King as Cornwall’s Richard Trevithick

So last night we went to marvel at the wonderful Cornish comedian Kernow King as Richard Trevithick. This long awaited showing at St Ives Guildhall had us all queuing at the door to get in from the rain!

Kernow King was joined on stage by the talented Mary Woodvine, and what a double act they made! The show was seamless, and with jumping around from the current century, to Trevithicks 1700’s, the costume changes were swift and effective.

Kernow King

Kernow King has been touring small and intimate audiences around Cornwall since the Spring and with booking our tickets ages ago, we were delighted when August finally arrived.

Richard Trevithick is arguably the Greatest Cornish Man of all time. If you want to read more about Great Cornishmen and Women checkout our blog for some of the best! This comedy show is a biography of his lifes achievements and stumbling blocks all showcased from a simple ‘garage’ setting bringing the story of the ‘Puffin’ Devil’ to life!

Without ruining too much of the production make sure you visit prepared for an evening full of facts, laughter and singing (top tip – make sure you swat up on the lyrics to ‘Camborne Hill‘ if you’re not Cornish enough to have them ingrained on your heart!)

Directed along with Cornwall’s Kneehigh Theatre Company this show is really worth seeing and comes with many a recommendation. If we’ve tickled your Cornish tastebuds then you’re lucky that there’s still a few more dates to go in the coming weeks! The show is even venturing over the border to Plymouth and London in October if you’re from out of the County.

Find out more about Trevithick here and buy your tickets from this website.

Kernow King offers a great comedy show too, head to his website for a laugh or two…

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