Lizard Point, Cornwall 360 / VR Tour

360 degree images and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences are fast becoming the latest trend. Here at Salty Songs we have our very own 360 camera so will be taking you on a VR tour of Cornwall.

We start with a little tour around Lizard village and The Lizard Point, England’s most southerly point. Above you can see all the locations we visited to give you a handful of wonderful 360 photos to explore.

To view the 360 photos

If you are using a computer then just use your mouse to pan around the image.

On your smartphone just move your phone in a full 360 motion to move all the way around the image.

If you have either a VR headset or Google cardboard then just click on the image and move around the photo.

As the files are jammed packed with Cornish data they are best viewed over a fast wi-fi connection.

Lizard Village Center – 1

Lizard village is the most southerly residence in Cornwall, and England making it a popular tourist draw for the close by Lizard Point. The village has local amenities as well as Ann’s famous pasty shop.

lizard 360 map image 1

Coast Coffee Bar and Bistro – 2

Part of Lizard village and on the way to Lizard Point here’s a great place to stop for a coffee on the way back from visiting the National Trust Lizard Point.

lizard 360 map image 2

Coast Path to Lizard Point – 3

The walk down to The Lizard take about 10 minutes from the village and is a pleasant stroll alongside the farmers fields taking in all the Cornish beauty.

lizard 360 map image 3

National Trust Car Park – 4

You can drive straight down to Lizard Point without stopping in the village, then you have direct access to the Lighthouse and Lizard Point from here.


lizard 360 map image 4

Lizard Lighthouse – 5

The Lizard Lighthouse is a famous landmark which signals the end of the land to passing ships. Read more about Cornwall’s Lighthouses in our blog here.

lizard 360 map image 5

Lizard Coast Path – 6

Walking from the Lighthouse to Lizard Point this stunning part of the Cornish coastline is full of wildlife and truly makes you appreciate the magnificence of this part of Cornwall.

lizard 360 map image 6

Gift Shop & Polpeor cafe – 7

Perched right on the edge of the cliffs there is a wonderful cafe and gift shop where you can sample a tasty homemade cake, or take home a sample of the local serpentine rock.

lizard 360 map image 7

Lizard Lookout – 8

You cannot get any further South than this… The old lifeboat station can be seen in Polpeor Cove.

lizard 360 map image 8

Cove – 9

Following the coast path West from Lizard Point takes you along the rugged coastline and along to small coves and outcrops.

lizard 360 map image 9

Westerly Coast Path – 10

Finally if you follow the coast path up the West side of The Lizard you will reach Kynance Cove. This famous stunning sandy cove is sat amongst dramatic Cornish cliffs.

lizard 360 map image 10

We hope you have enjoyed our tour of The Lizard. Keep your eyes peeled for more VR of sunny Cornwall.

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