Loe Pool is Cornwall’s largest freshwater lake and has formed Loe Bar from the River Cober not quite reaching the sea. There is a large sandbank that stretches along the lake, which is located just a short walk from Porthleven harbour. Popular with lots of birds, and having the contrast of the lake and sea, this is a very popular wildlife spot.

Walk Statistics

Distance – 5 miles
Time – 3 hours
Difficulty – Easy
Facilities – None on the route, but the nearby village of Helston
Parking – National trust car park on Degibna Lane opposite the Methodist Church

Where to go

Leave the car park from the opposite end from the entrance and follow a concrete lane through a kissing gate to reach Degibna farm buildings. At the house take the left fork through the kissing gate and follow the lane to Loe Pool. Turn right to follow the pathway anti-clockwise, at the end of the lake take the path to the right of Loe Marsh passing over a stone stile.

Walk along the woodland path passing over a wooden stile, turn left onto a concrete lane. Just before the remains of a small engine house turn left through a gate sign posted for Helston Lodge. Cross a wooden footbridge over the River Cober and continue ahead through a wooden gate. Turn left along a broad path through Oak Grove woodland and through a gate in front of Helston Lodge.

Follow the lane as it leads to Penrose House, across the parkland towards the stables and bearing left in front of them. The track then passes through Bar Walk Plantation and above Loe Bar to Bar Lodge and through a gate. Turn left and head down and across the beach towards the white cross memorial on the headland opposite. Looe Pool is on your left, and the South Cornish sea is on your right.

Pass the memorial onto the sandy path leading alongside Carminowe Creek. A boardwalk take you around the head of the creek bearing left then leading past Lower Pentire. Follow the track, turning left shortly before the surface become metalled. Pass through a gate and around the edge of a field, follow the field edge away from the water passing through a gate onto a woodland track. Shortly after Degibna Wood you are back to where you started, turn right to reach your car.

View the route around Loe Pool below…

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