Searching for Ross Poldark in West Cornwall

We may be a little obsessed with Ross Poldark, but who isn’t? So when we had insider knowledge that he was in Cornwall and filming we had to get down there and catch a glimpse…

We headed for Botallack and just made way for the coast to see how close we could get!

ross poldark mines, west cornwall

Botallack mine engine house

Poldark series 3 coming soon

Poldark series three set

Ross Poldark

When we arrived the cast were on their lunch break so we had a little nosey around and walked along the coast path to take some photographs. Some of the mining buildings had been made up for the filming with roofs added to out buildings and extra equipment set up to make it look like a working mine from Poldark’s day.

Where can Ross Poldark be seen?

Aian turner fans waiting in Cornwall

Ross Poldark fans, Cornwall

We may have played the locals card perfect as while all these people were waiting eagerly outside the cast field to catch a glimpse we snuck in to catch an up close and personal sighting of Cornwall’s very own heart throb Ross Poldark.

Not only did we walk past him on the way in, we then hung around for a bit (far too nervous to get the camera out mind) and then saw him again on the way out just chilling by his trailer. We can officially say that we were within 5 metres both times!

I know, I know, I hear you shouting that I should’ve got the camera out and asked for an exclusive Salty Songs interview and photoshoot from behind the scenes. But I just couldn’t bring myself to actually talk to the man himself!

I stood there in awe for a few minutes just soaking it all in, breathing in the same air as Captain Ross Poldark himself. That was good enough for me.

We then returned to the correct side of the security guards and waited patiently for the cast to return to the set after lunch.

There was definitely an aura of excitement brewing with the crowd that had gathered and their waiting paid off… first we saw the mining extras returning to the mine…

Mining extras on Poldark

And then some of the main players…

Ross Poldark filming in Cornwall

But unfortunately Captain Poldark himself went past behind tinted windows 🙁

I am OK with that though seeing as I had an encounter just before so I was still on cloud 9, and who needs photos anyway when the internet is overexposed with spoilers!

Botallack Mine

Here’s some of the awesome Cornish scenery which will be shown off in all its glory in Poldark series 3. West Cornwall really is littered in mining history with engine houses and chimneys everywhere you look along this part of the Cornish coast.

cape cornwall scenery

Botallack mines, Poldark

West Cornwall mining heritage

Botallack mines, Cornwall

We were thinking all our photos were going to show grey Cornish clouds, but just as we were about to leave the sun came out, so we’ll leave you with this beautiful shot of Poldark’s Cornish mine…

And next time he’s filming I’ll try to get some more photos (promise!).

Botallack mines, Cornwall

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