Shopping at the Flambards Christmas Fayre

The Flambards Christmas Fayre was hosted this weekend so we went along to support our local businesses in the hope of encouraging more people to shop local this year.

The Christmas stalls were spread around the Flambards Victorian Village and surrounding buildings making a great situation for a Christmas Fayre.

It was just £1 to enter and along the way you could take in the wonderful educational atmosphere of the Victorian story displayed. There are many Victorian shops to browse, the Britain in the Blitz display and the Concorde area so it doesn’t have to all be about the shopping.

We arrived early on the first day so everyone was just warming up and were happy to welcome the first visitors of the day. We wandered around the stalls for a few hours and our bags gradually got heavier and heavier…

Flambards Christmas Fayre

flambards christmas fayre








With over 70 food, produce and craft stalls the Flambards Christmas Fayre was the perfect place to get in the Christmas mood. We picked up quite a few bits for ourselves as well as gifts, we just couldn’t resist some of the cute home additions on offer.

As it wasn’t the warmest day of the year we decided to take a pit stop for a warm mulled apple and ginger, which certainly warmed us up! And the great news is that you can buy your own cordial to make at home over Christmas!








With lots of samples consumed and many presents added to the Christmas haul we left just as the crowds started to gather. The Flambards Christmas Fayre is a great place to pick up your Christmas tree, wreaths or festive plants. In addition to meeting Santa and the Elves, and listening to a carol or two from Helston Town Band.

It was a great morning out, and we will definitely add the 2017 Flambards Christmas Fayre to the calendar…

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