Top Photography tips for Social Media

Good photographs make a good social media campaign, but amazing photos can make your profile amazing! Everyone’s upping their photography game on social media, and if you haven’t got a professional photographer on board you might need to up your game to keep up. Here’s a few basic tips to make your point-and-shoot photographs a whole lot better!

Rule of thirds

It’s the first rule you’ll be taught if you take a photography course, but it’s one of the fail safe tips that will pretty much guarantee a well composed image. Analyse your subject and move the frame around until you can break down your photograph into three. Whether that’s a third sand, sea and sky, or three different colours in a fruit bowl, it’s one to keep in the back of your mind.


The trick is to control how much light you are capturing in the image, if you shoot straight into the sun then your photo is going to be over exposed, but in a controlled environment you may still need to consider the light. You can alter the white balance and ISO settings on most good cameras and this will help to control the light captures. A higher ISO setting will allow you to capture more light, so preferable in a low-lit room.


Don’t forget the background, after people have initially seen your product or the main focus of the photo they will look at the surrounding space. There’s no point in taking an ice cream photo with a bin in the background, or a dramatic landscape with an electricity pylon in the frame. Just take a second to absorb the whole image and adjust your position accordingly, this will improve your photography without too much effort.

Camera angle

To get a well composed photograph you may have to lie on the floor or position your camera facing down. You might have to angle the camera in such a way you can’t see the preview, but stick with it, even if it take a dozen tries you could be rewarded with that perfect shot. Sometimes to just takes a little thinking outside the box, for example if you are witness to a perfect sunset, turn around. The best photograph may be the magnificent colours reflecting off of something you hadn’t even considered.

Keep your lens clean

Dirty finger marks, sand and sea salt can make marks on the lens which then transfer on to your photos, marks can also lead to image blurring. Never clean your lens with your jumper sleeve or a cloth that’s just lying around, you could scratch the glass so always use a clean lens cleaner.


It might be worth investing in a higher resolution point-and-shoot camera if you’re going to be taking the photos yourself, sometimes a smart phone just isn’t good enough to represent your brand. This way you can take photos not just for social media, but also potentially blog and website worthy. If you are going to get a new toy then try to opt for one with wifi connectivity, that way you can send the photos straight to your phone to upload, it just cuts out the middle man if you’re away from your desk or laptop.

Consider watermarks

If you think your photographs are going to be shared wide amongst the social media platforms then it might be worth applying a watermark. This way when the sharing is diluted so much no-ones really sure who the initial post even came from, then everyone knows where to come to find you.

Straighten that horizon

It’s a pet hate of mine, make sure you line up your angles before you share the photo. There’s nothing worse than a wonky sunset! It’s not the end of the world if you don’t use a tripod when taking your photos, but make sure that you correct them in the editing room after.

Don’t over edit your photography

Apps like instagram have built in filters and editing tools to help you enhance the look of your photographs, but some people also use photography programs like lightroom and photoshop. Be careful not to play around with the images too much so they look fake, a natural image gives a more professional impression.

Take lots of photos

Remember it’s all a bit of fun, and your photos can alway be deleted. Take as many as you can from all types of angles, and hopefully there will be a hidden gem for your efforts.

Happy snapping!

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