Trevithick Day in Camborne

Trevithick Day is an annual celebration in the Cornish Town of Camborne, celebrating it’s mining heritage and giving Richard Trevithick the recognition he deserves. A Cornish inventor and engineer Trevithick is famous for the ‘Puffin Devil’ built in 1801 it was the first ever steam driven vehicle. Two years later his steam locomotive took passengers through the streets of London.

What is Trevithick Day?

Held on the last Saturday in April this annual events closes the main roads through Camborne and the whole town gets involved in celebrating the heritage of this Cornish pioneer in the steam engine industry. Each year crowds of around 20,000 visitors gather for the one day event, and Trevithick Day has been running for over 30 years now. It’s a free event to attend and expect lots of steam engines on display as well as parades, stalls, music and theatre all to raise awareness of the local history.

Trevithick Day stalls

Camborne Town Band

Steam engine, Camborne

Cornish dancers

What’s On?

There is a childrens dance in the morning that starts around 10.15 with the adults parade in the afternoon at 2.30 where they dress in the traditional Cornish colours, black and gold. At 3.15 the steam engines take a drive through the town so make sure you don’t miss out on this highlight of the day.

There are several stages throughout the town hosting lots of local bands and singers in all different styles, particularly traditional sea shanties.


Old Car Camborne

Small steam engine

tall steam engine chimney

Live music Camborne


There are stalls throughout the high street selling everything from Cornish souvenirs, sweets, burgers and charity shop style stalls raising money. We made ourselves very comfy at the Rodda’s Cream milk van and had a lovely cream tea in a cute box just sat watching the steam world go by.

If you are going to head to Trevithick Day next year be sure to dress in your Cornish tartan or black and gold finery if you want to fit in. Also make sure you arrive early to watch the steam engine procession as the streets fill up quickly to catch a glimpse of these fine engines up close and steaming along the high street.

Find out more on the Trevithick Day website.

Trevithick Society

Trevithick Day books

Cornwall black and gold

Camborne crowds

Rodeos Cream Tea

Trelawneys Army Supporters

Cornish steam engine

Trevithick Steam Engine

Here’s a little video we made which sums up the day nicely…

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